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The official site of the patented invention for the no mess, no stress beauty turban/towel, Oh Snap!

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Oh Snap! was created out of frustration while dyeing my hair one evening. Using a towel wrapped around my shoulders, to keep from damaging my clothes it kept falling off. I decided instead of staining a good towel, I would wear my tank top. As careful as I was, my neck, back and shoulders were all stained in the process!


Fast-forward to the following evening, I encountered yet another issue. Wanting to let my curls air-dry, after getting dressed, I began to apply my make-up. However, my wet hair began to drip the dye from the previous night.

Not wanting to ruin my clothes, again I draped a towel over my shoulders. Once again it kept falling off. Completely frustrated, I thought; "I wish there was a towel that snapped in the front to keep it in place!" That's when my Oh Snap! light bulb moment occurred.

Making one was my next step. With a degree in apparel design, my dilemma was quickly solved! But after asking several friends if they've encountered this issue, I discovered I wasn't alone. I decided to make them not just for myself but for everyone.

Whether at home or on-the-go traveling this towel is designed to solve all your getting dress mess, with a little less stress! That's why I call it the first ever "No mess, no stress turban/beauty towel!"



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Arienne M. Gascon

Oh Snap!

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