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The official site of the patented invention for the no mess, no stress beauty turban/towel, Oh Snap!

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 How To Use Oh Snap!

Other Uses For Your Oh Snap!

Perfect For Dyeing Hair
The catalyst behind the creation of Oh Snap! Perfect for preventing dye drip from staining you and your garments.
A Naturals Best Friend!
Whether you are deep conditioning, twisting, air drying & everything in between Oh Snap! is great for all women who love to apply product and lots of it!
Hair Turban
Oh Snap! is Patented because of its unique dual usage. Our turban/beauty towel is the perfect shape and size. Fastened securely in place with elastic band in the back of the neck and apply your make-up, deep condition while multitasking or anything else you want to do and not worry about your towel being heavy and falling off like your regular towels do!
Business & Airport Travel
Whether brushing your teeth, applying makeup or a quick shave, protect business suits or any top while traveling. Our carrying pouch makes it easy to pack and fits perfecting in your suitcase or carry-on!
Kids Hair Styling
No matter the style or product you use, you can protect your child and their clothing with Oh Snap! securely in place.
Air Dry Hair
Air-dry your hair comfortably without product and water dripping on you or your clothes.
Apply Make-up Mess Free
Protect tops from powders, sprays and messy makeup residue!
Shaves, Cuts and Trims
Not only for women, men can find Oh Snap! useful for shaves, hair trimmings and other quick maintenance use.
Prevent Toothpaste Drip
We've all done it, that annoying toothpaste drip is no longer ruining your top while brushing our teeth.
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